Mis selling pensions guide

Many people are unsure how they can find out if they have ben mis sold their pension in the past so this quick mis selling pension guide will help you determine if you were missold or not.

Did you ever transfer a Final Salary Pension in the past to a Personal Pension?

If so the chances of the advice being wrong are very high and you could be financially disadvantaged in retirement if you do not get it audited.

Did you ever transfer any type of pension to a SIPP?

SIPPs have a place in the pension market but for most people they are not relevant so if you have transferred your pension to a SIPP it is recommended you get it audited.

Were you advised to transfer your pension on more than 1 occasion by the same financial advisor?

This may be perfectly good advice but you should have been given good substantial reasons for doing so and if not then you may have been wrongly advised.

Do you have AVCs at work and been advised to take out FSAVCs in the past?

If so then you have a very high chance of being wrongly advised.

For all of the above the short guide will cover what you can do.

If you are confident enough then send a SAR letter for your file firstly as this will give you all the information relating to the sale or transfer and will cost £10

Next step is to review your file and while doing so take notes of dates and things that were not explained to you at the time of the sale along with policy numbers and any information that is inaccurate.

You can now start to build your complaint letter and once complete send it to the company recorded delivery.

You will in most circumstances receive an acknowledgment letter and a final decision within 8 weeks

If not happy at this point with the decision or the amount offered then take your case to the Financial Ombudsman and they will make a decision which is impartial.

If you do not feel confident doing it by yourself then use the services of a mis sold pension claims company who will carry out the process on your behalf. This does not guarantee you will win your case but they should have enough experience to determine

If you win your case then the company is bound to put you back into a position had the financial advice not taken place plus interest from when the advice was given until compensation is made.

Interest is on a compound basis and can add substantial amounts to the compensation you receive especially if the initial advice was many years ago.

Time limits do apply to pension cases and are as follows

6 years after the advice was given

3 years since you became aware the advice may have been inappropriate

Advice given after April 1988

For most people the 3 year rule will apply as they do not have the expertise or think anything was wrong until they read information such as this or go to purchase an annuity and realise it is far less than the thought.

For more information on mis sold pensions visit https://www.mis-soldpension.com today.


Top Danger Signs of Mis Sold Investments

Investment plans are complicated in reality, which is why getting one may put you in danger of losing all your benefits in the future without you being aware. Until now, the issue of mis sold investments is still present. Without the investment holders realizing it, they are misled into selling their investment for something that will perform badly. In order to identify if you have mis sold your investment, you may consider the top danger signs to spot one.

Investment With High Risk Level

You can spot mis sold investments if you have been requesting your adviser to give you less exposure to the stock markets and low-risk venture yet you are evidently getting ignored. Most of the time, the financial advisors who are hungry for commission will simply disregard your request. Without you knowing it, they will put your money in an assortment of global stock markets.

Putting Your Investment in a Single Plan

You are clearly mis selling your investment if all your financial outlays will be placed in a single plan. Take note that in order for you to get reasonable returns from your investment, you also have to spread your assets to multiple products having sensible rates. If you found out that your cash is to be placed into one asset, such as bonds or shares, you have to be apprehensive enough to ask the financial consultant about it. If you can, you should stop welcoming the investment plan for it is already a big red flag.

Longer Wait Is Risky

Mis sold investments often root from schemes that require investors to wait for many years before getting access to their cash. Never settle for an investment that will lock you in a fund deal without you enjoying the freedom of withdrawing cash whenever necessary. Instead, you should seek for investments that are not fixed in longer term periods. http://www.missoldinvestmentsuk.co.uk


4 Vital Tips to Consider When Getting Injury Claim in Scotland

Getting an injury claim in Scotland can be a bit different from the usual process done in other countries. It can also be more critical and you will really need to exert efforts just to be able to arrive into your preferred result. Things can also be a bit more difficult if you do not have a clue on the things that you should and should not do as you go on the process of pursuing your injury claims. Fortunately, there are ways for things to become simpler for you and if you wish to learn more about them, keep on reading and study these four vital tips that you should consider when getting your personal injury claims.

Tell your doctor everything that he needs to know about your injuries.

If you are really serious about pursuing your injury claim in Scotland, tell your doctor everything that he has to know about the injuries that you have acquired. Be detailed in explaining the things that happened and be specific in telling him about the parts of your body which have been affected by the incident. With a more detailed and truthful report coming from your doctor, you will get greater chances of obtaining higher compensations for your claims.

Attend to the appointments you will be setting.

If you are going to set medical appointments and even appointments with your lawyer or the law firm that you have chosen, make sure that you attend to the things that you have scheduled. Remember how vital time is for all of the parties that you will be calling to be involved as you pursue your claims. Do not waste any person or team’s time and take everything seriously, especially if you want to get your compensation as quickly as possible.

Keep in mind that you have a deadline for your claim.

In Scotland, after you get the injuries, you only have three years to spend to work on your claims. Your injury claim in Scotland would no longer be entertained after the time that has been given to you to be able to get it. So, in relation to the previous point, do not waste any time. Make sure that you spend every minute that you have looking for the right company and talking to the right people.

Know whom your complaints should be directed to.

Lastly, know exactly who is responsible for the injuries that you have acquired – be it a person, a private company or certain groups of people. Getting your injury claim in Scotland can be less of a hassle if you specify who the person involved in the incident is. This way, the company or the lawyer who will be handling your case will have a lessened workload to attend to.

There are no shortcuts to pursuing your injury claim in Scotland. However, there are ways to make everything easier for you. And with the reminders mentioned above, it would definitely be simpler for you to smoothly finish the entire process.


Things to Consider in Choosing a Reliable Mortgage Broker

Basically, a mortgage broker acts as a middleman or a liaison between two parties. The parties involve the lender and the borrower. Mortgage brokers may work with a certain company or work independently. They also offer other services besides closing a mortgage for a certain client. However, there are some people who do not feel comfortable dealing with mortgage brokers. Perhaps the reason behind this circumstance is that some brokers take advantage of their clients’ vulnerability.


Basic Services


There are basic services offered by brokers. Basically, a mortgage broker never lends money. Brokers only act as the middlemen between lenders and borrowers, bringing them to work together. They primarily assist borrowers in search of the most appropriate loan or mortgage for them. Borrowers may have some difficulties in search of the best deal because of the numerous lenders and banks. Hence, brokers can assist them in finding the perfect deal.


Moreover, a mortgage broker works with a certain lender. However, there are some brokers who work on their own. The only main thing that they need to do is bring a borrower to a lender or vice versa. While transactions are ongoing, brokers may intercede between the two parties. But once a deal is made, and they get their commission, brokers were already out of the picture.


Additional Services


Aside from the basic service that brokers can render, there are more deals that they can offer. They do some of these services either to earn more or such services are included in their job orders. Some brokers also do property appraisals, employment verifications, and credit reports. Either the lender or the borrower might ask for further services from a broker.


Moreover, brokerscan render a credit counselling service to a certain borrower. This service will greatly help borrowers in obtaining better loan rates or deals. There are huge numbers of lenders with different loan or mortgage rates. Through a mortgage broker, borrowers can narrow down their options, choosing the best lender that can meet their needs and demands.


Services and Fees


Borrowers who are interested in getting services from brokers should also keep in mind some important things. There are massive numbers of brokers around, and they offer not always the same services and fees. Borrowers should also do their research work in choosing the best and most reliable broker there is. Brokers provide different services with corresponding fees. Hence, a thorough research must be done in order to arrive at the most reasonable service of a mortgage broker.


Expertise in the Field


The experience of brokers is also vital throughout the process. Borrowers must bear in mind that getting an experienced broker is more advantageous than otherwise. Brokers who are experienced may render better services, especially if they have closed many deals for several times already. Certainly, expert brokers can significantly assist and help borrowers in any service that is needed, perhaps from the simplest to the most complicated of circumstances.


Being Cautious with Agreements


It is the choice of borrowers to avail the services of brokers when needed. It is also their option on which service to avail, and their discretion on whether or not the fee is reasonable. They can always find the most reasonable broker’s fee for a certain service. Moreover, the borrower should be cautious when it comes to agreements. They should carefully read such agreement, making sure that the promises made by the broker are the same with that of the lender. At times, brokers charge their clients with unreasonable, hidden fees. And they sometimes pressure the borrowers in loaning a bigger amount so as to get a higher commission. Definitely, hiring an honest and reliable mortgage broker is essential throughout the process of getting mortgage policies and loans.


Why Most People Need A Pension Review

Today, more than 80% of the current pension plans are truly underperforming, but with the help of a pension review,you can definitely seek out if yours are of one of those. Pension reviews are one of the most effective and helpful from which you can check for the status of your pension. In addition, you’d be able to uncover any pensions of old that you may have already forgotten about without any obligations.

Now, what makes this interesting is that it will enable you to have returns and annuity payouts that are at are low. It is important that you ensure that the money you’re earning right now works as good as it can for you. Now, why don’t you ask yourself these questions so that you can somehow be enlightened about pensions?

Pension Review: What You Need To Address Today

Today, almost 25% percent of those who are aged 30 and above have not even considered how they’ll survive in terms of financial matters as they retire, while those who definitely have considered their future, majority of those who will have some type of a pension won’t have one that’s going to work for them well. Well, now is the right time for you to act on this important matter and with the help of pension review, you definitely have a bigger chance of getting a kind of pension that you deserve to have. However, before that happens, why don’t answer the following question first?

  • Do you have any idea regarding the amount of cash you have been saving in your pensions?
  • Do you know the kind of returns you can get from the current pension plan that you do have?
  • Were you briefed as to where your money was invested?
  • Were you advised about the charges or a fee that’s associated with all of your pensions? (Keep in mind that fees or charges are often high for those that have more than one plan)
  • Do you have an idea as to how much income your current pensions can give you upon your retirement?
  • Will the pension or returns be able to sustain the current way of life you do have?

Pension Review: What You Should Aim For The Future

Since the value of your investments might go up or down, you as an investor may not be able to get the same amount of cash that you’ve invested. No one should ever be complacent with things that concern their pensions nowadays, most especially since there are a lot of products that are performing way below what’s expected from it.

With that in mind, you need to ensure that your money and your payments are being invested smartly. This would allow you to build a pot that’s big enough for you to have a pension pot, which helps secure a comfortable retirement plan you wish to enjoy in the future. What can you do about your pension?

  • Seek to improve its performance
  • Reduce the amount of your recent pension charges
  • Have multiple plans that would surely help you tidy up things
  • Be aware of the old pension plans that you do have with your previous employers

Those things are surely going to help secure that your investments are going to pay off in the future. Seek to have a pension review so that you can be well aware of how your money is doing. This way, you ensure that you’re going to have a bright and enjoyable retirement plan.



LHT Insurance: The Insurance for Your Trucking Company

There are types of insurance that many people are unfamiliar of. One of these types of insurance is none other than the long-haul trucking insurance or the LHT insurance. Now that we have already mentioned it, do you find it familiar? Well, probably to some, it is familiar. Nonetheless, it cannot be argued that for many people, it is an unfamiliar term. To give you an idea on what this insurance is all about, this article will discuss mainly about the long-haul trucking insurance.


What Is Long-Haul Trucking Insurance?


LHT insurance is insurance for your truck. Unlike common insurance that is for your death, this is all about your truck. Whether you are a trucking company or an operator, there is no doubt that you need this long-haul trucking insurance. This helps you avoid unexpected costs that may rise when there is an accident involving your truck.


It is undeniable that the costs and damages that arise when your truck gets in an accident are very high. If you are unprepared for this and you do not have enough funds to pay for the damages it has caused, then you might end up in the worst scenario. Nonetheless, the LHT insurance is there to catch and save you from this horrible situation. You no longer have to worry about this.


How Long-Haul Trucking Insurance Can Make You Feel at Ease?


Having LHT insurance for your truck makes you feel at ease since you will no longer have to be bothered about the costs that you have to pay for the other party once the truck got involved in an accident. The insurance company will be the one to shoulder the expenses that are related to the truck accident. This will save you from suffering from this unexpected cost that can definitely affect the flow of your money.


The insurance company that offers this insurance provides liability limit that helps protect a person financially when operating a company that runs trucks and others. It covers the damages that can be linked to the tractor. This is a must for those who want to secure themselves from the possible truck damages and expenses that they may face in the future.


How to Apply for Long-Haul Trucking Insurance?


If you want to get LHT insurance, then you have to look for a company that offers this insurance first. Never stick with one company. Look for a lot of companies and compare their offers. Always choose the best one for yourself. Only you can identify which is the best one for you since it is only you who knows what you need for your tractors.


The best thing about looking for an insurance company is that you no longer have to go out and exert a lot of energy. You can just sit down and browse your internet knowing that most, if not all, insurance companies already advertise their insurance over the internet. You can ask them for their quotes as well and you can do the comparison even at your home’s comfort.


Getting The Best Available Life Insurance Quote Online

Have you ever read a policy for life insurance, and became confused with some unfamiliar terminologies? Aside from the questions related to terminologies, there are inquiries regarding the policy. When you want to get the best life insurance quote, it is important to understand the basics, as well as know the ways of getting the best insurance quote available online.

Purpose Of Life Insurance Quotes Online

The best way of providing security for your family is getting insured. It is very important that you obtain your insurance policy, while you are getting the lowest rates. There are challenges in shopping and choosing for insurance, but online services would help you simplify the process to have a pleasant experience and receiving one that would meet your needs. The purpose of life insurance quote is to give access to insurance with different face values to finalize the ideal coverage.

Quotes for Term Life Insurance

When you search a life insurance quote, you must provide accurate information to get a response. The process takes broad pricing structures. This is applicable for a quick assessment of your current age and health condition. A quote may end up more extensive information that affects the true cost of a policy, like information from a medical exam. You may be shocked to receive a price higher than what you expected, and you may possibly be happy to receive a quote lower than the original pricing. This is not because the insurance agent or provider is attempting to provide you an erroneous figure or estimation, but you need to provide a more in depth assessment of your living and health habits to get the best possible quote.

What You Should Know

When it comes getting insurance policies, there is an unexpected large number of Americans who have no idea what their insurance policies is all about. First of all, people generally care about the price and the contents. So, when seeking life insurance quote, the key concern should be your final figure.

The Drawbacks

The problems arise when a life insurance quote seems to be like a great deal because elements are left out of the policy. For example, if you are getting a cheap insurance that has seemingly has great deals, but in the long run you pay higher because many policies are not covered. The only way to get the best possible insurance coverage is to search for multiple online insurance companies, get quotes, and then filter by identifying the best. This may sound time consuming, but the effort is worth it. Just like anyone else, no one likes to be ripped off; it takes a keen eye to see when this is happening.


What To Look Out For

Looking at nothing more than just the overview of the policy is tempting, but you as the policy holder should know what your insurance is covering and what kind of requirements to look out for a greater examination. There are a series of stipulations and conditions that many people never bother to read. For example, the values of the policies that depreciates over time. This is affected by series of reasons, but in due course, there is a specific date when the coverage ends, and when it reached on that date, the benefits are lost completely. The term of the policy is one of the key parts to look out for. Life insurance quote should put emphasis on this, but if not, make sure to dig deeper the information about yourself. It is important not to obtain the first policy being offered in the first place. Being clever means checking out all the small details of the specific life insurance policy, and can save thousands of payments every year.

Finding The Best Quotes

There are too many insurance providers claiming to offer the best policies of life insurance quote, but none of them can prove that they do. The truth is that, the best policy is dependent on the needs and requirements of the applicant. This is why, it is important to obtain quotes from at least 5 online insurance companies and compare what they offer before finalizing your decision. Through the comparison of the available sites, which display the specific terms of each policy, this would make things easier.


Considerations Before Buying The Best Mortgage For First Time Buyer

The challenge of buying a home for the first time can seem so overwhelming, that it’s enticing to either just go or continue to rent. Too many things have been written recently about how the property market is making it difficult for the first time buyers to understand and climb up to the property ladder. We all know that stepping on the property ladder for the first timers can be a daunting experience since you are heading for something new. It is also normal that all of us are looking for a best mortgage for first time buyer. That is why, you are going to rely on the advice given to you by the experts and friends and family. This is a fact because there is no scarcity of people making their first step into home ownership. If you are one of these people, there are lots of factors to consider. For the first time mortgage buyers, it pays to invest.

The Difficulties

The best mortgage for first time buyer finds it hard to get a mortgage. Of course, it is a scary thing to do, not to mention the cost which is also very expensive. The problem is that, you will have many questions to throw and only those who have the enough knowledge and experience of the market can really answer them without hesitations. They types of mortgage available to you will greatly depend on your circumstances. Nowadays, it is impossible to get a mortgage without placing deposits as the market has changed drastically.

The Traditional Practices

Beforehand, first time buyers multiply their salary by two and a half in order to see what kind of mortgage they would be entitled. However, this is no longer the case and with the increasing, and the sudden fall of the price, first time buyers are finding it difficult to get on the property ladder. So, best mortgage for first time buyer may not be possible. Though the economy is good in shape compared before, there is still a chance for first time buyers to get a good mortgage. There are types of mortgage to apply for and you need an assurance of your finances before applying.

The Experts’ Advice

The good news is that, experts have tips to get the best mortgage for first time buyer in the market. The advice you are going to receive may be contradicting for yourself and your family. The experts help you deflate the process and get the most out of the purchase, they examine the things that need to consider before buying, what you can expect from the process, and the handy tips to make your life easier after the purchase.


What Type Of Home That Suits Your Needs?


When purchasing a residential property, you have to pick different options. You have to choose between traditional single-family home, a condo, a townhouse, or a multi-family building with 2 to 4 units. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on the goals of your homeownership, so you need to decide the specific type of your property to help you reach those goals.


What Specific Features Should Your Ideal Home Have?


Despite the fact that it is good to keep hold of some flexibility in this list, you are making the biggest purchase of your life, which means that you deserve to have a purchase that fits both your wants and needs. Your list should be based on your personal preferences, like the size, neighborhood and smaller details like the layout of the bathroom and kitchen.


How Much Mortgage Do I Qualify For?


To get the best mortgage for first time buyer, it is important to get the value of how much the bank or financer will be willing to provide for your home before shopping. You may wish to purchase a $400,000 home, but lenders may think you are only good for $300,000. Providers assess you through the factors like debts, your monthly income and how long you have been at your current job.


How Much Home Can You Afford?


A bank will offer you a credit for house more than the amount you want to pay. Of course, the monthly payment of the house, the overall cost of the payment you can afford, how much insurance will cost, how high are the property taxes in your neighborhood, how much you spend to improve or maintain the house, and how much the closing costs are very important.

Depending on what mortgage you get, keep in mind that the rates of the best mortgage for first time buyer varies and will always based on many different factors. A qualified mortgage consultant will show you different products that suit your lifestyle perfectly. It is important to understand the process of best mortgage for first time buyer and follow these tips to help you save a lot of money in the long run.



Fixed Rate Mortgages – Consider The Number Of Years

The majority of people prefer to avail the fixed rate mortgages because they believe that it is the best option. What you need to remember that this one is stable. What is stated in the agreement should be followed the moment you have already signed the contract papers. Meaning to say, the monthly payment will remain the same all throughout the agreed time or years. It is fixed rate because the interest rate will not change until the loan will already be paid off. This is regardless of the performance of the present market. There are agencies that have strict rules to the amounts and their interest rates.

Availing The 30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgages

Some agencies with strict rules normally require that the borrower has a good credit history. They can allow the person to borrow a higher amount of loans because of this. Generally, you can opt for two fixed rate mortgages such as the one that last for 15 years and the other one is for 30 years. There are also lenders that are permitting people to avail the 40 year of fixed mortgage although it is rare nowadays. The number of years does have its side of disadvantage and advantage effect to you. The longer the fixed rate mortgage is, the lower you need to pay for the monthly amount.

Saving Money Short Term Or Long Term

If you choose the 15 year fixed rate mortgages, then it is possible that your interest rate will be slightly lower. However, it is required that the principal will be paid sooner. In order for you to know the kind of fixed rate mortgages that works best for your need, just ask yourself whether you wanted to save money in a long term way or short term. The interest payment is what makes it all the difference.

What is the cost of whole of life insurance?

When people want to purchase insurance they want to know how much they will be paying in total for the policy and this in no different for people wanting to purchase whole of life insurance policies.

The cost of whole life insurance can be substantial over the term of the policy and the reason for this is because the company that is going to insure you are going to have to pay out the sum assured at some point and this is reflected in the premiums that you will have to pay.

Some other costs associated with insurance policy premiums we have to pay include tax which is currently 5% and this is added to the premiums we have to pay each month for the policy and we also have to take into account running costs of the company that is insuring you as this is also built in to the premium although most people are unaware that these costs make up part of our premium on most insurance policies.

The good thing about a whole of life insurance policy is that if you are honest with your answers at the proposal stage then you can guarantee they will pay out when required unlike term insurance which could end without a claim ever being made and this is another reason the cost of a whole of life insurance policy will be more expensive than a term insurance policy for the same amount of death benefit and term of the policy.

Other thing that could make the cost of whole of life insurance more expensive than normal is if you have pre existing medical conditions or are a smoker as smokers have to pay a higher premium because their life expectancy is shorter than a non smoker and if you have a medical condition this could also mean that your life expectancy could be shorter and as a result the monthly premiums could be increased.

What we need to remember that all insurance companies are businesses and their ultimate aim is to make as much profit as possible for their shareholders so any undue risk you can be assured that the cost of this will be passed to the policy holder whatever type of insurance you are applying for.

The best way to ensure you get the best possible cover at the best possible premium is to compare whole life insurance online and by doing this could help you save thousands of pounds during the term of the premiums.

Another thing to look for is how long you will have to pay the premiums for as often these will stop at a specific date in the future unlike other policies that you will have to pay forever as this can be another factor when determining what type of insurance policy is best suited to your needs.